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Product or service video

Make it easy to understand and promote the benefits of your products or services with videos YopBox.

Enhance your user experience and guide your audience step by step with videos YopBox.

FAQ Vidéo

Tired of answering the same customer questions over and over again? Relieve your teams with videos YopBox.

Customer testimonial

Create reassurance and turn your customers into ambassadors by giving them a voice with videos YopBox.

Employee testimonial

Boost your employer brand and showcase your employees with videos YopBox.

Video advertising

Capture the attention of your prospects and generate leads with video ads YopBox.

Video use cases

Help your audience to imagine the many uses of your product or service with the videos YopBox.

Video case study

Demonstrate how your product or service solves your customers' problems with videos YopBox.

Video announcement

Promote an event, product launch or share your latest figures with videos YopBox.

Editorial video

Build awareness and position yourself as an expert to your audience with videos YopBox.

Recruitment video

Attract top talent and boost your recruitment strategy with videos YopBox.Read more ->

Educational video

Explain complex concepts in a simple way and make it easy to pass on your know-how with videos YopBox.