Stop wasting hours editing your videos

Yopbox is an online automatic video creation software
that leverages AI and voice recognition to edit videos for you.
How it works

Import or record yours videos
and wait fews minutes
the magic.

Unlock the potential of your content
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AI Enhance Audio

Enhance Speech increases clarity by removing background noise, reverb and sharpening your voice’s frequencies.
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AI Auto Cut Silences

Yopbox identifies these pauses and automatically creates jump cuts for you.
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AI Zoom and Transitions

Yopbox automatically add Zoom and Transitions to keep you video engaging and dynamic.
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AI Auto accurate Captions

Using advanced natural language processing algorithms, our AI meticulously transcribes the audio into written text in 38 languages.
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Calibrate the automatic editing to fit your brand

Import logo, colors and font and we add intro, outro and intertitle animations fit your brand.
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Smart Background Music that Actually Fits Your Video

Just choose a mood and Yopbox will automatically pick a royalty-free song and tailor the music to fit your video.

But, Yopbox is more than just
a powerful
automated editing software.


Say goodbye to writer's block. Yopbox simplifies the creative process. Choose a script template and follow the instructions to write your script in just a few minutes.
Start with +20 templates
Save your own templates
Script with AI help (coming soon)
AI-Powered Video Script Creation: User-friendly interface effortlessly generates video scripts from ideas, no technical knowledge required.

Built-in teleprompter

Make your videos to the point, read your script as you scroll across the screen. Add automatic subtitles, your logo and colors.Connect with your audience on social media, your vlog, emails or chat messages.
Compatible PC / Mac / iOS / Android
Nothing to install
Framing guide multiformat (Horizontal - Square - vertical)
AI Teleprompter: Simplify video recording with our user-friendly teleprompter feature, no technical skills needed.


Publish directy on your favotire plateform like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok. Embed your video on website...
(Coming soon)
Download your video
Share your video with a link
Embed your video (coming soon)
Video Publishing Versatility: Explore various options for sharing and distributing your AI-enhanced video content, hassle-free.

Loved by 500+ content creators
and marketing teams

How would you define Yopbox in one sentence?
"Yopbox made video editing a breeze! The automatic AI-powered editing and removal of silence improved my videos' quality. The prompter feature kept me on track, and the script templates were a lifesaver. Highly recommend!".
Sophie S.
"Yopbox is a game-changer! The automatic editing, multiple formats, and prompter feature streamlined my video production. It's user-friendly and helped me create professional content effortlessly."
Nathan S.
"Yopbox simplified video creation for me. The automatic editing, brand integration, and multiple formats made my content look professional. It's user-friendly, and the UX/UI design is beautiful."
Leonard J.
Video Content Creator
"Yopbox made video creation a joy. The automatic editing enhanced my footage, while the script templates provided structure. The brand integration and prompter feature were icing on the cake!"
Jenny W.
Video Content Creator
"Yopbox exceeded my expectations. The automatic subtitles saved me time, and the AI-powered editing made my videos shine. The script templates and prompter were invaluable. Great tool!"
Lisa J.
"Yopbox revolutionized my video creation process. The automatic editing, seamless brand integration, and user-friendly interface made creating YouTube videos a breeze. Yopbox is an essential tool for any aspiring content creator."
Lucie H.
Video Content Creator

Save time & Create engaging videos.

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