Simplify your editing with AI-driven silence and
hesitation management

Yopbox streamlines video editing by automatically detecting and editing out silences and hesitations, saving you hours of manual work.
- Auto-Detect Silences: Our AI intelligently identifies unwanted pauses in your footage.
- Auto-Cut Silences: Automatically removes silent segments for a smoother video flow.
- Remove Filler Words: Cleans up common speech fillers to enhance clarity and professionalism.
- Jump Cut Feature: Creates dynamic jump cuts for a more engaging viewing experience.
- Three Automatic Modes: Choose from various modes for tailored silence management.
- Supports 40+ Languages: Efficiently works across a wide range of languages.

Make More Dynamic
Video Automatically

Speech enhancement makes voice recordings sound
as if they were recorded in a professional studio.

Auto detect silences

Deadair = silence that's too long. Keeping Deadair short, helps you make your video more engaging.

Auto cut silences

Our Deadair Remover identifies silences that are too long and shortens them, in order to keep your audience engaged.

40+ language

Yopbox's algorithm works automatically with more than 40 languages.

Jump cut

Create good-looking jump cuts in secondes without loss of quality.

Automatic modes

If you make shorts videos, choose the "intense" mode. If you make long Youtube video, choose the "dynamic" mode.

Remove filler words

Yopbox detects and removes fillers sounds such as um's, ah's, etc. in multiple languages

Save time & Create engaging videos.

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