Calibrate the automatic editing to fit your brand.

Ideal for teams seeking a cost-effective, resource-friendly solution to infuse their videos with a strong brand identity.

- Unlimited Brand Identities: Tailor your videos to various brand profiles or campaigns effortlessly.
- Your Logo: Seamlessly integrate your company's logo for consistent branding.
- Your Colors: Customize videos with your brand’s color palette for a unified look.
- Your Baseline: Incorporate your company's baseline or slogan to reinforce brand messaging.
- Your Font: Apply your brand’s typography to ensure a cohesive visual experience.
- Automatic Animations: Enhance your videos with professional, brand-aligned animations.
How it works

Make Better videos
for your business

Generate Limitless Videos from Your Content to reach
your KPIs with a powerful platform designed for scale.

Brand Kit

Create as many visual identities as you need that fit your brand. Import your logo, colors, fonts and baseline.

Animations ready to use

Automatically generate attractive intro, title and outro animations that respect your brand.


Add your own watermark to any corner of the video in just one clic.

Save time & Create engaging videos.

Unlock the potential of your content – try our AI-powered video simple maker
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