Create professional-quality videos effortlessly with Yopbox's AI technology

Yopbox empowers anyone to produce professional-grade videos without the need for extensive video editing skills or hours of learning.

- Dynamic Video Creation: Let AI bring life to your videos with engaging dynamics.
- Auto Silence Removal: Effortlessly cut out awkward pauses for smoother flow.
- Auto Zooms: Add visual interest with intelligent, automated zooms.
- Auto Transitions: Seamlessly transition between scenes with AI-crafted effects.
- Remove Bad Takes: AI helps in identifying and eliminating unsuitable segments.
- Professional-Quality Output: Achieve a high-standard finish, making your content stand out.

Make Better Video Automatically without any technical knowledge

Yopbox knows how to edit, optimize and brand your videos
for any goal and video type, just like a video expert would.

Dynamic video

Our algorithm analyzes your footage to make them automatically dynamic.

Auto cut silences

Never wast time to remove
silences & filler words manually.

Auto zooms

Our intelligent algorithm knows when it's the right time to zoom in or out.

Auto transitions

For even more dynamism, you can add transitions in line with the latest trends.
Coming soon.

Remove bad takes

We transcribe your video completely with the help of AI and you easily edit video content just like a doc.

Professional quality

With Yopbox, you have every chance of making professional videos without any technical knowledge.

Save time & Create engaging videos.

Unlock the potential of your content – try our AI-powered video simple maker
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