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How would you define Yopbox in one sentence?
It's a tool that has saved me an incredible amount of time and enabled me to achieve professional quality.
I publish one full-length video a week on my YouTube channel and 3 to 5 short videos a week on Instagram, TikTok and so on. And that's not my core business. I'm a professional coach.
This tool has changed my life by saving me an incredible amount of time and giving me professional quality, all for a great price! I've been using Yopbox for over 6 months!
Julie Souchard
CEO Essentielle RH
A simple, effective and efficient tool.
An excellent experience, both in terms of using the tool and the relationship with the team.
I love the way the video blocks are divided up, the simplicity of filming, the integrated prompter and the automated editing and subtitling.
Julien Bardou
CEO Seiyo
For years I've been trying to find the motivation to produce business videos and explain to my clients key concepts for their development, but I've failed every time.
The script process, then the prompter, then the shots and then the editing... it was really too much know-how for just one person.
Since Yopbox I've had no more problems, just a process and some software, and everything is much smoother and faster, and I'm finally able to produce these videos.
The bonus is that I've managed to improve my skills, so I'm more inspired and my videos are of better quality. I've become a real video pro, a total game-changer for my business.
Julien Petit
CEO Mighty Nine
I highly recommend Yopbox!
It's a great application that lets you film and edit good quality videos very quickly, with subtitles! There's always someone on hand to answer any questions we have very quickly. I highly recommend it!
Pauline Becquerelle
The magic of automatic editing.
There's a real sense of magic and taking full advantage of AI with YopBox!
YopBox is really incredible: I went from several hours of editing to a single click, a coffee and then the edit was delivered hot off the press!
Laurent Serre
Sales expert
I used yopbox for online training for business applications within my company.
I was able to film myself and record my actions on screen.
Afterwards, I corrected any small errors in my speech by transcribing the audio into text.
In short, this solution totally met my expectations and it's intuitive to use.
I let myself be guided and it became a pleasure to create videos, even though I have no knowledge in this field.
I recommend this solution, which will save you a lot of time and investment compared with conventional video shooting.
Frederic Rossi
CMO Heuss Automobile

Transform your corporate communications with the power of video testimonials

Unbeatable simplicity

Intuitive interface: A platform designed for everyone, making it easy to create videos without technical prerequisites.
Advanced automation: Intelligent tools for smooth, effortless production, whatever the volume of videos required.
AI-Powered Video Script Creation: User-friendly interface effortlessly generates video scripts from ideas, no technical knowledge required.
AI-Powered Video Script Creation: User-friendly interface effortlessly generates video scripts from ideas, no technical knowledge required.

Constraint-free video production

No Technical Constraints: Eliminate the usual barriers with accessible, user-friendly technology.
No Organizational Constraints: Simplified management of video projects, enabling hassle-free planning and execution.

Flexibility and accessibility

Remote Video Interviews: Capture authentic testimonials anywhere, anytime, without the need for costly filming sessions.
Increased production volume: The platform enables serial creation of testimonials, ensuring a constant, high-impact video presence.
AI-Powered Video Script Creation: User-friendly interface effortlessly generates video scripts from ideas, no technical knowledge required.
AI-Powered Video Script Creation: User-friendly interface effortlessly generates video scripts from ideas, no technical knowledge required.

Quality and consistency

Consistent production: Maintain superior video content quality through our streamlined production system.
Authentic content: Emphasis on capturing real customer experiences, increasing credibility and brand engagement.

Turn customer testimonials into a selling machine

Effectively transform your company's communication with our testimonial video creation software
Increases visibility: Testimonial videos capture attention and are shared more widely, extending your reach on social networks and beyond.
Reinforces credibility: Expert interviews and authentic customer testimonials build trust in your brand.
Increases customer engagement: Real-life stories create an emotional connection, prompting action and interaction with your content.
Promotes products and services: Highlight the benefits and practical applications of your offerings through real-life experiences.
Promotes business expertise: Demonstrate your know-how and leadership in your field through relevant video content.
Engages employees: Involve your staff in content creation, reinforcing a sense of belonging and corporate culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yopbox offers premium customer service for all these users.
How easy is the software to use for beginners?

Our software is designed with an intuitive interface, making it easy for anyone, beginner or experienced, to create high-quality testimonial videos.

How does it works?

1. Choose from a variety of templates designed for different messages and audiences.
2. Recording: Use our remote recording feature to capture authentic testimonials, wherever your interviewees may be.
3. Editing: Customize your videos with our super-easy-to-use interface.
4. Share: Share your story on social platforms, your website, and more, to maximize your reach.

Can videos be customized to match my brand identity?

Absolutely! You can customize videos with your colors, logos and other brand elements to ensure visual consistency across all your communication channels.

Is it possible to record interviews remotely?

Yes, our remote recording feature allows you to capture quality video testimonials, wherever your interviewees may be.

How can I share the videos I've created?

Videos can be exported and shared directly on social networks, embedded on your website or sent by email, maximizing your visibility.

What support is available if I encounter difficulties?

We offer responsive customer support via email, live chat, and visio to answer all your questions and help you get the most out of our software.

Is there a limit to the number of videos I can produce?

No! With Yopbox, you can create as many testimonial videos as you need.

Yopbox, your solution for effortless video testimonials

With Yopbox, take the step towards video testimonial production that combines efficiency, quality and authenticity. Our platform is the perfect ally for brands aiming to strengthen their online presence with video content that tells the real stories of their customers, without the usual constraints associated with video creation.

Gain in editing time

Make your videos fast with text editing, edit your videos like a doc.


Reduction in production costs

Save on production costs by using an all-in-one tool forediting and customizing your videos.


Faster to Integrate Captions

Automatic and precise AI captions, making your videos accessible to a wider audience.


AI audio enhancement

Get professional-quality sound in all your videos, with a significant reduction in background noise.


More efficient with the Intelligent Prompter

Record your videos without errors and with greater confidence,thanks to our built-in prompter.


More engagement on your videos

Save on production costs by using an all-in-one tool forediting and customizing your videos.

Discover the impact of Yopbox on your testimonials video

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Why choose Yopbox?

With Yopbox, transforming authentic customer experiences into powerful testimonial videos has never been easier. Our platform revolutionizes video content creation by offering a no-holds-barred solution, enabling companies in all sectors to produce testimonial videos in volume, without the usual technical or organizational barriers.

Designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing effort, Yopbox eliminates the traditional challenges associated with video production. Thanks to our intuitive interface and advanced automation tools, creating video testimonials that captivate and convert is within everyone's reach. Whether you need one video or hundreds, our streamlined system ensures smooth, consistent production, without ever sacrificing quality.

Yopbox stands out for its ability to facilitate the management of remote video interviews. Our technology eliminates the need to coordinate complex and costly filming sessions, enabling witnesses to share their authentic experience spontaneously, wherever and whenever they want. This flexibility translates into a greater volume of authentic content, reinforcing your brand's credibility with every video shared..

Our commitment to making video production accessible is reflected in every aspect of Yopbox. From recording to editing, we've thought of everything so you can focus on what really matters: capturing the stories that make a difference to your brand. With Yopbox, say goodbye to technical and organizational hassles and hello to an era of authentic, powerful video testimonials.