Storytelling made easy with One-Click recording links

Our One-Click Recording feature simplifies remote video contributions. Just send a link, and recipients can record their message from any device, anywhere. Ideal for businesses with global teams or for gathering customer testimonials without complex setups.

- User-Friendly: No app download, just click and record.
- Global Reach: Connect with contributors worldwide easily.
- High-Quality Recording: Capture crisp video and audio.
- Instant Sharing: Simplify the collection of user-generated content.
- Versatile Applications: Perfect for interviews, testimonials, and more.
- Yopbox Integration: Effortlessly incorporate recordings into your projects.
one click recording link image
How it works

Simplify remote interviews with One-click recording

Capture authentic testimonials anywhere with One-Click recording links

Global reach

Expand your interviewing capabilities across multiple locations with just a link.

Ease of Use

Send a recording link to a phone, making it effortless for anyone to start recording without prior setup.

Customer insights

Gather authentic customer testimonials easily, enhancing credibility and trust in your brand.

Privacy first

Record interviews without storing personal information, prioritizing participant privacy.

High-quality content

Ensure high-quality video content from remote contributors, compatible with Yopbox’s.

Seamless integration

Effortlessly integrate recordings into your video projects with Yopbox for a streamlined workflow.

Save time & Create engaging videos.

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