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How would you define Yopbox in one sentence?
It's a tool that has saved me an incredible amount of time and enabled me to achieve professional quality.
I publish one full-length video a week on my YouTube channel and 3 to 5 short videos a week on Instagram, TikTok and so on. And that's not my core business. I'm a professional coach.
This tool has changed my life by saving me an incredible amount of time and giving me professional quality, all for a great price! I've been using Yopbox for over 6 months!
Julie Souchard
CEO Essentielle RH
A simple, effective and efficient tool.
An excellent experience, both in terms of using the tool and the relationship with the team.
I love the way the video blocks are divided up, the simplicity of filming, the integrated prompter and the automated editing and subtitling.
Julien Bardou
CEO Seiyo
For years I've been trying to find the motivation to produce business videos and explain to my clients key concepts for their development, but I've failed every time.
The script process, then the prompter, then the shots and then the editing... it was really too much know-how for just one person.
Since Yopbox I've had no more problems, just a process and some software, and everything is much smoother and faster, and I'm finally able to produce these videos.
The bonus is that I've managed to improve my skills, so I'm more inspired and my videos are of better quality. I've become a real video pro, a total game-changer for my business.
Julien Petit
CEO Mighty Nine
I highly recommend Yopbox!
It's a great application that lets you film and edit good quality videos very quickly, with subtitles! There's always someone on hand to answer any questions we have very quickly. I highly recommend it!
Pauline Becquerelle
The magic of automatic editing.
There's a real sense of magic and taking full advantage of AI with YopBox!
YopBox is really incredible: I went from several hours of editing to a single click, a coffee and then the edit was delivered hot off the press!
Laurent Serre
Sales expert
I used yopbox for online training for business applications within my company.
I was able to film myself and record my actions on screen.
Afterwards, I corrected any small errors in my speech by transcribing the audio into text.
In short, this solution totally met my expectations and it's intuitive to use.
I let myself be guided and it became a pleasure to create videos, even though I have no knowledge in this field.
I recommend this solution, which will save you a lot of time and investment compared with conventional video shooting.
Frederic Rossi
CMO Heuss Automobile

Import or record yours videos
and wait fews minutes the magic.

AI Audio Enhancement

Redefine the sound clarity of your videos with our AI. This advanced technology eliminates background noise and optimizes audio quality for a professional sound experience.
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Editing Video by Text

Transform your videos with disconcerting ease. Edit the text transcribed by our AI to fine-tune your videos. A revolutionary way to do video editing, intuitive, simple and fast.
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Smart Prompter

Record your videos with confidence and precision. Our intelligent prompterdisplays your script on screen, helping you deliver your message smoothlyand naturally.
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Your Videos, Your Brand

Personalize your videos with your brand identity. Easily integrate your logo,colors and typography, for videos that perfectly reflect your brand image.
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Add B-roll easily

Customize your videos with precision. Choose the perfect moment to insert cutaways and illustrate what your speakers are saying. Our manualediting tool gives you total control for videos that capture the essence ofyour message.
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AI-automated subtitles

Increase the accessibility of your videos with automatically generatedsubtitles. Our AI transcribes your dialogue accurately and quickly,making your videos accessible to everyone
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Auto Zoom by AI

Energize your videos with smart angle changes. Yopbox's AI detects keymoments to vary viewing angles, making your videos more engaging.
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Remove cut in on clic

Optimize the rhythm of your videos by automatically removing silences. This feature makes your videos more dynamic and engaging,with no extra editing effort.
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Intelligent Musical Background

Enrich your videos with the right selection of music. Choose a mood, and Yopbox will automatically integrate harmonious, royalty-free background music.
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Why choose Yopbox?


Gain in editing time

Make your videos fast with text editing, edit your videos like a doc.


Reduction in production costs

Save on production costs by using an all-in-one tool forediting and customizing your videos.


Faster to Integrate Captions

Automatic and precise AI captions, making your videos accessible to a wider audience.


AI audio enhancement

Get professional-quality sound in all your videos, with a significant reduction in background noise.


More efficient with the Intelligent Prompter

Record your videos without errors and with greater confidence, thanks to our built-in prompter.


More engagement on your videos

Save on production costs by using an all-in-one tool forediting and customizing your videos.

Services to support
your production with Yopbox

Scritpting help

Turn your ideas into captivating scripts. With the help of Yopbox, writeattention-grabbing video scripts that convey your message with clarity and impact.
Creativity Stimulated: Templates and tips for unleashing your creativity andstructuring your ideas.
Maximum efficiency: considerable time savings in the copywriting process, with tailored advice.
Adaptability: Customizable scripts for all types of videos, from advertising to educational.
AI-Powered Video Script Creation: User-friendly interface effortlessly generates video scripts from ideas, no technical knowledge required.
Support for filming videos

Support for filming

Film with confidence and professionalism. Our filming support guides you every step of the way, ensuring high-quality results.
Technical Assistance: Practical advice on framing, lighting and sound recording
Artistic Guidance: Suggestions for improving visual storytelling and audience engagement.
Flexibility: support adapted to the specific needs of each project, whatever yourlevel of experience.

Designing customized animations

Bring your videos to life with custom animations. Our custom animation design services enrich your content and reinforce your brand identity.
Full Customization: Animations created specifically to match your brand's aesthetic.
Visual impact: Attractive animations to increase engagement and recall.
Variety of styles: Wide range of animation styles and techniques to meet all your creative needs.
AI-Powered Video Script Creation: User-friendly interface effortlessly generates video scripts from ideas, no technical knowledge required.

Discover the magic of text-to-video editing

Discover Yopbox: video editing revolutionized. Simple, fast, effective. Turn your videos intomasterpieces with ease.
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