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Future 📅

Canva integration

#Integrations 🔗

Music only on animations

Music can be deactivated on spoken parts but retained on animations.
#Improvement 👍

Enable or disable autocrop per clip

If, for example, you are importing a screencast video, you can disable autocrop on this part only.
#Improvement 👍

Batch import video

Ex: importing 5 videos into a project at once will create 5 different video blocks.
#Improvement 👍

Automatic prompter scrolling

New mode enables you to scroll the text as you speak. Yopbox uses your device's microphone to detect your words as you talk, then scroll the word into view as you read your script.
#Improvement 👍

Loom integration

Copy/paste a public link from Loom to automatically import your video into a project.
#Integrations 🔗

Import videos from dropbox, google drive...

Copy/paste a public link from Dopbox or Google Drive to automatically import your video into a project.
#Integrations 🔗

Up Next 👊

Eye contact correction

Look at your script or notes and, with one click, correct your eye contact to give the impression that you're looking at the camera.
#New Feature 🆕

Import your own music

Create playlists with your own music.
#New Feature 🆕

In Development 🛠️

Illustrate your videos

Add illustrations such as images, text, video and gifs to make your videos even more attractive.
#New Feature 🆕

Share videos on social networks

Share your video directly on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc., in just one click.
#Integrations 🔗

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