Professional video creation
at last within everyone's reach

Find out how YopBox makes it easy to create, record and edit
your videos in just a few minutes.

AI automatic editing

Automatic silence removal
Choose from 3 automatics editing rhythms
Vertical - square - horizontal Formats
Whith on click, your videos can be adapted to any format.
Automatic change framing
Gives dynamism to your editing
Automtic subtitles
Automatic subtitle in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish
Automatic deletion of "heuuu".
No need to start over for a little hesitation!
Your logo on all your video
Your logo will appear in the corner of the image that you have defined.
Automatic voice/music mixing
When you don't talk, the music automatically becomes more present.
Share instantly
Share your video via a unique link.

Assisted video shooting

No application to install
The only prerequisite is an internet connection
Compatible with all hardware
Smartphone - webcam - camera
Sacn a QR code and your smartphone becomes a teleprompter
Framing guide
You just have to place your head in the right place, and your framing is successful.
Instant replay
Compare your catches and choose the best one.
Automatic upload
Your validated shots are automatically sent to our servers
Sharing a registration link
Share a link to allow anyone to view your video (employees, customers, partners...)
Automatic backup
Start your shoot on Monday and finish on Tuesday

Easy preparation

Scripts template
Choose from a dozen templates to never lack inspiration
Estimated duration of the video
Check in real time while writing that your video is the desired length.
Add animations
Take advantage of a catalog of dynamic animations that adapt to your branding
Save your templates
Ideal for creating video series
Duplicate your project
Ideal for creating different versions of the same video.
Import your media
You already have an intro or outro animation? This option is for that.
Create your visual identity
Import your logo, colors, fonts...
Work as a team
Share your visual identities, your templates...