Stop wasting hours
to search your video music

Smart Background Music adds depth and emotion to your videos effortlessly. Avoid the hassle of searching for the right track and syncing it manually.

- 10+ Moods Available: Choose from a diverse range of emotions to match your video’s tone.
- Royalty-Free Music: Access a vast library of music without licensing concerns.
- Automatic Audio Ducking: Seamlessly lowers music volume when there’s spoken audio.
- Import Your Own Music: Personalize videos with your preferred tracks.
- Auto Music Adjustment for Long Videos: Ensures consistent musical engagement throughout.
- Latest Trendy Tracks: Regular updates with current and popular music choices.
How it works

Smart Background Music
that Actually Fits Your Video

Yopbox uses AI to balance your audio, automatically lowering the music when someone is speaking and increasing it when speech is absent.

10+ mood available

Choose the musical mood that matches your video. Acoustic, corporate, electro, dynamic?

Royalty-free musics

Don't worry, all our music is copyright-free.

Automatic Audio Ducking

When we detect someone talking, the music automatically drops.

Import your own music

Import your own music and create personalized playlists.

Auto change music for long videos

There's nothing more annoying than a single piece of music on long videos. Our algorithm automatically changes music at the right moment.

Latest trendy music

We update the music catalog regularly to keep up with the latest trends.

Save time & Create engaging videos.

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