Enhance with On-camera confidence with our intelligent teleprompter

This tool empowers you to maintain eye contact and deliver confidently, directly from your script. Ideal for any on-camera situation, it's like having an invisible guide, ensuring you stay focused and engaging.

- Eye Contact Mastery: Maintain engagement with direct audience connection.
- Confidence Boost: Navigate through your script smoothly, eliminating the need for memorization.
- Natural Delivery: Present with ease, matching script flow to your speaking pace.
- Professional Appearance: Keep your delivery polished with minimal on-screen reading distraction.
- Yopbox Integration: Seamlessly fits into your video production, enriching content creation.
How it works

Speak with confidence : Discover Intelligent  Teleprompter  

Unlock the secret to captivating videos with real-time text guidance, ensuring eye-catching and speaker confidence.

Eye contact

Ensures engaging delivery by maintaining direct eye contact with your audience.

Speaker assurance

Boosts your confidence with a scrollable script that keeps you on track without memorization stress.

Engagement optimization

Captivates your audience with a natural and dynamic presentation style.

Script visibility

Allows for easy script reading while maintaining a professional and uninterrupted delivery.

Content clarity

Delivers your message with precision, matching your speaking speed for clear communication.

Seamless experience

Integrates perfectly with Yopbox's ecosystem, enhancing your video production workflow.

Save time & Create engaging videos.

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