The founder

Julien Giraud

It all started in 2014

While he was in charge of video at M6 web, Julien Giraud made a clear observation: video was gradually becoming the favourite communication tool for all BUs (Business Units), but so-called "traditional" video was not a satisfactory solution because it was too expensive, too tedious and too time-consuming.

A few months later, Julien left his job and tackled a problem that quickly became an obsession: how to create a digital solution that would make professional video accessible to any company? In other words, without requiring any technical audiovisual skills.

After many months of R&D and test & learn with nearly 100 clients, YopBox came to maturity at the end of 2021 and has since been ready to democratise access to video for all companies, wherever they are in the world.

Today, YopBox is developing and offering a new kind of video creation platform: the only solution that allows you to create, record and edit videos 100% online, with hypersimplified processes and really attractive prices, without any compromise on quality.

Our team

Julien Giraud

CEO - Fondateur

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Julien Giraud Video expert

Nathan Jecko


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Nathan Jecko aka Marco

Jérémie Diaz

Business Developer

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Laurie Meyer

UX/UI Designer

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Yoann Robinet

Développeur web

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Yoann Robinet aka Litle John

Our mission

YopBox meets an exponential need: the creation of video content for professionals.

Video is the most engaging and impactful content for companies to better communicate with their prospects, customers and employees. But it is also the most complex and expensive content to produce. By leveraging its own technological innovations, Yopbox proposes to radically improve the access to video and the production experience by offering professionals a completely digitalized platform, which is based on technological innovation.

Our platform offers all professionals the possibility to create professional quality videos, in just a few minutes, without any technical knowledge, and with transparent and accessible prices.

Our customer experience approach allows companies to integrate video into all their business needs.

But YopBox is not just a video editing tool, it is a tool that will help you build your videos, make recording easier and allow you to imagine, edit and create your videos online. YopBox empowers teams to make videos while controlling their time, budget, message and most importantly: without ever compromising the quality of their content.

Our values

A company that respects its employees, its intermittent workers, its service providers, its clients...

We are not, and certainly do not want to become, the Uber or Deliveroo of video. Two companies that abuse the precariousness of their delivery workers to develop their business. We believe that all companies, beyond their growth objectives, have a major role to play in improving the world on their own scale. At YopBox, this translates into a strong commitment to all our internal and external stakeholders, such as providing good working conditions for our employees.

A human accompaniment

When a company joins Yopbox, support is provided in several phases:
- Onboarding, which is mainly used to make the user aware of the power of our platform.
- Follow-up with a dedicated video expert to help the user develop their video creation and distribution strategy. Because the use of video is just as important as the video itself. Finally, the video expert will monitor with the user the right performance indicators and make the strategy evolve if necessary.
- Reactive customer service at all times.

Quality is non-negotiable

It has sometimes been tempting to take a few shortcuts to grow faster, reach more prospects, sell more. Shooting a quality video doesn't just require a smartphone or a state-of-the-art camera, it's much more than that. At YopBox, we have developed a platform that accompanies you, guides you and solves many constraints for you. With YopBox you can finally create very high quality videos without having to call on an agency or a freelancer. We are uncompromising on quality, even if it means developing at a slower pace, and this will remain non-negotiable.