Globalize your content with AI-Powered Captions

Effortlessly expand your audience reach with automatic, accurate captions and subtitles in over 40anguages.

- Auto Accurate Captions: Enjoy high accuracy in captioning, reducing the need for manual edits.
- Latest Trendy Templates: Choose from a variety of stylish caption templates to match your video's aesthetic.
- User-Friendly Interface: Easily apply and customize captions with our intuitive tools.
- SRT Export Capability: Export captions in SRT format for versatility and convenience.
- Auto Keyword Highlighting: Automatically emphasize key phrases in your captions for added impact.
-+99  Language Options: Broaden your viewership with multilingual caption support.
How it works

Make your videos accessible
to people all over the world.

Effortless Captions with
automatic highlighted keywords generated by AI.

Auto Accurate Captions

Up to 98% accuracy in speech recognition and it keeps improving with each passing day.

Latest Trendy Templates

Your subtitles look like those of the best video creators.

Auto Highlight Keywords

Don't spend hours choosing which words to highlight. We do it for you.

99+ languages

Using advanced natural language processing algorithms, our AI transcribes the audio into written text in 99+ languages.

SRT export

You have the choice of burning subtitles in your video or exporting them in SRT format.

Easy to use

There's no need to struggle with time codes, our captions are automatically timed with the utmost precision.

Save time & Create engaging videos.

Unlock the potential of your content – try our AI-powered video simple maker
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