Earn 40% of Recurring Lifetime Commissions

If you invite your friends  to use Yopbox they'll get 20% lifetime you'll get first month 40% then 20% recurring commission. Win-Win!

How it work?

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Share your link

Share your referral link with your friends, followers, or customers.
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Somebody signs up

When your friend subscribe to Yopbox, they will be attributed to you.
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Earn 40% commission

Start promoting Yopbox on social medias and earn money in recurring lifetime.

How to become an affiliate?

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Create your Affiliate Account

Create your account to receive a custom link that you can use to promote Yopbox to automatically track the customers you bring to us.
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Request a 20% promotional code for your audience

Contact us on chat and we will create a custom 20% discount code for you, to make it easier to bring in new customers and track them.
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Start promoting Yopbox with your link or code

You'll earn 40% of their monthly subscription fee for life.

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